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Sexual assault or rape can happen to anyone.

Silence does not equal consent.

Sexual assault or rape occurs when a person is forced or manipulated into participating in a sexual act to which she or he has not freely consented.

Nobody asks for nor deserves to be raped—ever.

Don’t use alcohol and/or drugs to get someone to have sex with you.

Drinking or using drugs can make a person incapable of giving consent.

It does not matter what a person is wearing or whether they have been drinking, no one is ever “asking for it” or deserves to be raped. 

Do not have sex with someone without their consent.

Consent is when someone freely agrees and says "yes".

An individual has the right to say they want to stop at any time.

Even if you are dating or married or if you have had sex with that person before, it does not mean you are consenting to have sex in the future. You can say no anytime.

If you have been a victim of sexual assault, ask for help. Report it.

Don’t blame rape survivors for the violence perpetrated against them.

Speak up when someone makes a comment that blames survivors.

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