YWC Application Process



Students can apply year-round but applications will not be reviewed until April each year.

Successful applicants are appointed in May each year.

The application should be completed by the student applying. It is an opportunity for us to get to know you.

Applicants will be called in for a short interview.


We are looking for outgoing, motivated, friendly and committed students who are interested in serving in a leadership role on their high school campus Wellness Connection Club.

Incoming freshman, sophomore, and juniors [& Middle College seniors] can apply that are attending the schools that currently have a Wellness Connection Club [SB, SM, DP, Carp, Middle College].

Must be between the age of 14-18 years for the upcoming year.

Attending YWC meetings & trainings is a requirement. Make sure you can attend those listed on the YWC Calendar.


If you are selected, students and parents will be asked to sign a Commitment Statement & Photo Release.

Questions? Contact...
Rachael Steidl
[email protected]

YWC Application

Students can apply any time but applications will not be reviewed until April 1st each year.


YWC Interview

The INTERVIEW RSVP FORM is for students that already applied and that received an email invitation to join...