Digital Detox

Club Activities

Join us in May and power down your devices on campus and at home! Take a SELFIE-FREE day! [1] WC Club Ambassadors will host table at lunch with activities [2] WC will create a video for our school news [3] WC will participate in a social media campaign with awareness messages.

Screen-Free Week

Choose a day or a week to unplug from digital devices [phones, computers, gaming, tv]. Notice the extra time you have available. Spend that time CONNECTING with friends and family, PLAYING and RELAXING. Have you ever noticed how your devices can actually cause stress?

School Challenge

The WC Ambassadors want to challenge students, teachers, parents and administration to UNPLUG for one day [7am-10pm] at home and at school! This means no using phones, ipads, television, gaming or other devices unless absolutely necessary to do your job. Stay off social media. Get out and talk to one another, play, relax, etc...

Disconnect to Reconnect!

Recognize that technology can be a distraction from connecting with classmates, friends and family.

When was the last time you were actually bored and completely unattached to a device? Technology is amazing but it can also keep us from having any downtime.

Do you ever feel depressed or disappointed when you are scrolling through snapchat, instagram or facebook? Social Media is a great way to stay up to date with friends and family but it can also make you feel like you are missing out.

When is the last time you did homework without your phone next to you? Phones are convenient but they can also keep us from focusing on the task in front of us.

Did you know that cell phones and gaming can actually be ADDICTING? It is common for many of us to become so dependent on our devices that we actually feel anxiety when we don't have them. DEFINITION OF ADDICTION: the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice that is psychologically or physically habit-forming.

When is the last time you ate dinner, watched TV or hung out with friends without checking your phone at least a few times in a one hour period? Our phones can keep us from enjoying the experience taking place right in front of us because we are distracted by something taking place somewhere else that does not involve us.

Are you selfie obsessed? How many times a day to you post a picture of yourself on SnapChat? Do you spend time during the day thinking about what your next post will be? Challenge yourself to go through one day without taking a selfie.

Do your friends "LIKE" you? Do you care more about how others perceive you online than you do from family, friends and others that are in your day to day life? It is normal to seek approval from our peers but it is now more common for teens to seek validation from social media likes.

Do you ever remove yourself from an activity or a meal where you are having fun just so you can take a selfie to post online? Do you find yourself thinking more about how you will take the photo and find the perfect filter rather than being present and in the moment with the actual experience?

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